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Can’t-Miss Summer Hikes

Summer has arrived! Have you planned what hikes you want to tackle before snow falls again? Think we are being dramatic? Think again! Many of Colorado’s hikes are at 10,000 feet or more, meaning snowfall happens sooner. Summer is the perfect time to tackle those higher altitude hikes, so we’ve compiled some of our favorite hikes for consideration!

  • Lost Lake via Hessie Trail: This hike is great for those who enjoy water. Along the approximately 4 mile loop, hikers will find a waterfall and access to a stream – a plus if you have dogs with you. Not to mention, Lost Lake itself is beautiful and surrounded by snow capped mountains (even in the summer).
  • The Royal Arch Hike: The Royal Arch trail is a favorite to many. It’s a 3.5 mile trail with a steep incline, but it’s worth the climb. Hikers are rewarded with gorgeous views over Bluebell Canyon, the city of Boulder, and on a clear day even a peek into Denver.
  • The Heart Lake Trail: This is a challenging hike at just under 9 miles, with a steep incline, but the descent to the lake basin is easier. The trail is not as heavily trafficked because of its difficulty. At a maximum elevation of around 11,000 feet, you are above the tree line and will be able to see for miles.
  • Diamond Lake: This hike is in the Indian Peaks Wilderness and features creeks, small waterfalls and a look at the Continental Divide. It is a short hike, only 2.5 miles out and back. Diamond Lake also offers some great camping.
  • Spruce Creek Loop: A 6 mile loop, Spruce Creek offers gorgeous views of the alpine lake. You will climb 1,700 feet in elevation. Located in Arapaho National Park, it is recommended that hikers arrive early to beat the crowds.

After you tackle one of these trails, stop by one of our locations and tell us about it!

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